The guilds available on Nirvana are as diverse as the people who populate the MUD itself. Some are very specific in their purpose, while others allow players a great deal of freedom in developing their characters along a wide range of options.

Guilds often offer additional skills and options to players, but do so at a cost. Players can only be a member of one guild, and switching between guilds is often very difficult, often involving significant penalties of experience, stats and even death.

It is very important to try and match your characters personality with that of a complimentary guild. Ask current guild members questions before you make a decision. Often joining a guild will be the most difficult thing you do in the game.


Which Guild is Best?

Perhaps the better way to rephrase that question is “Which guild is best for you?”. Of course, there is no clearly correct answer which applies to everybody. Some of the criteria that should be judged to fit what you are looking for are as follows:

  • Combat proficiency – Is the guild purely focused on fighting? Is that what you are looking for in comrades?
  • The social network – Is the hierarchy rigid and enforced? Is it more loose and informal? Or does it eschew teamwork for a lone wolf mentality altogether?
  • Alignment – Good or evil… or both?
  • Similar ideology and goals – Is the concept in line with your belief system?
  • Role playing – Considered to be almost a long-lost art of a more civilized and elegant age, is acting in character something which excites you?


Below is a listing of the various guilds within Nirvana.