Nirvana is a collaborative effort built from the code of many wizards, past and present. Old wizards never die….they just decompile.

The wizards on this page have generally succumbed to the time constraints of the real world and aren’t able to join us as often:

Aislinn Aquila Asmithrune Astaroth
Azane Bagera Bastion Bern
Blackadder Blue Bop Cal
Catt Cream Cyrex Deathmonger
Demoder Dersharp Deus Dragnar
Dreamspeakr Dune Emerson Galbasi
Gowron Greg Grimm Hair
Haji Hawkeye Heroin Hippo
Hurtbrain Kain Kevlar Kirkion
Ladyfinger Lan Languilen Leatherneck
Lew Llew Mathiast Mistress
Molasar Morgar Mouzar Nightshade
Oderus Omega Pathfinder Paulasx
Persephone Predator Quantos Quicksilver
Rich Saber Sado Samhain
Sandman Shadowhawk Slava Snakespear
Snow Softly Stark Traff
Trix Ulath Ultramagnus Unsane
Wamphyri Wizardchild Yaeger Zone


Website Credits

Here is a bunch of stuff in no particular order.

  • Boltar for letting this run this site on a free hand.
  • Bunny for helping choose colors of the illustrated cartoons.
  • Linus Torvalds for the underpinnings of what is probably the most comprehensive server operating system in the world.
  • Artos for finding the fMUD Flash client, and cluing us in to it.
  • Hugh for helping sculpt what is the current Cyberninja illustration, saving his guildmates from the humiliation of looking like Tron Legacy warriors.
  • Feyth for her healing ways with grammar-checking the content.