You can connect and play Nirvana right through your web browser!
There is nothing to install. All you need is Adobe Flash support.



Connecting Via Other Software

The game is very simple to connect to, as it is just plain text over a “dumb” terminal. This is how people interacted with computers before the days of the graphical interface. By downloading a software client to connect to the game, you can have greater flexibility and features while connected.

Clients are just software that understand the Telnet connection protocol and allows you to customize your mudding experience and in many ways make it more enjoyable.

There are several different choices for clients based on your operating system and preferences (and bank account).

For more information on Clients and muds in general, there is a FAQ. Like many things, it is old and links there are broken, but the information is still relevant and a good foundation.

Also, speak with other players. Ask them, “What client do you use to connect to Nirvana with?” and “Why?” as they will often have the most recent information and perceptions of what works.

If all else fails, you can use of the following clients: