Some New Website Features

A few new things were done to the site, after its initial release…

  • On the sidebar, you can now see who is currently logged into the game.
  • Also on the sidebar is a link to the game’s Facebook page. Please bear with us as the integration to Facebook is figured out. Right now the Facebook page and this site serve a similar purpose but with slightly different methods to accomplish their goals.
  • A few typos were corrected. Most of them were mine.
  • A web server referer block was implemented so that images in Gallery section could not be leeched by other web sites. I don’t think anyone here intended for their character images to be used by small blogs as content :)
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Hello world!

Hello and welcome! This is the new Nirvana LPMud website, which will be developed in an organic and collaborative effort in the spirit of how the game it self runs… which by the way it has been doing continuously since February 26, 1991.

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