The architecture of Nirvana allows for “on-the-fly” changes to be made to the game. This includes, but is not limited to, the addition and removal of rooms, items and monsters. Everything in the game is an object and how it interacts with other objects is determined by the code within the objects.

So, just who is responsible for all these objects (rooms, items, monsters)? Why, your friendly neighborhood wizards, of course. The name “Wizard” is a throwback to the days of when these adventure games were almost entirely based on a medieval or fantasy theme. They are alternatively referred to as Immortals, Builders, Coders and a plethora of other descriptors, they are responsible for the weapons you wield, the monsters you fight and the rooms you walk around in. Aside from creating new code, they are also responsible for maintaining existing code as well.

When it comes to player affairs, wizards tend to keep out of such things and allow players to create and manage their own social hierarchies, often in the framework within a guild or alliances.


Current Administration

The current administration is comprised of a group of dedicated people who work on the game not for the rewards of money, but because they enjoy doing it as a hobby.

  • Founder/Head God: Boltar (nirvana_lpmud -at- yahoo -dot- com)
  • Demi-God: Vertebraker
  • General Administrators: Fred, Rumplemintz (rump-dot- nirv -at- gmail -dot- com)
  • Technical: Illarion, Sparrow
  • Realm Evolution: Star, Angel
  • Platypus: Mizan


Contacting A Wizard

If you are experiencing a technical glitch with your character which cannot be solved with information gleaned from other players, or through the documentation, it’s time to contact a wizard.

First, determine if the nature of the problem is with your guild. If this is the case, then contacting your guild wizard is the way to go. If the problem is a more general issue related to a player functionality, or a realm’s, then contacting one of the Realm Administrators is the way to go.

The best manner to accomplish this is through the game’s mail system (1N, 1W, 2S from the Adventurer’s Guild).

Please understand that wizards are often times idle in the game. Just because they don’t respond immediately to your tell messages does not mean they are ignoring you. Wizards tend to be idle for long stretches in the daytime hours when they are at their day jobs. Please also respect that wizards are NOT paid staff. They do this because they enjoy it. Therefore, any attempts to treat them with the sort of attitude reserved usually for offshore, tier one technical support staff will usually be rebuffed with ignorance at their individual discretion.

That having been said, you should not feel any sort of hesitation in talking with a wizard. Unlike other MUDs, there is not a condescending attitude of players being looked down on. For the experienced Nirvana traveler, they already know that nobody is better than another. The role of wizards is simply different from that of a player.