The text-only interface of Nirvana can seem a bit daunting and old-timey at first, but over time you will come to appreciate it for its simplistic elegance and efficiency.

A variety of resources exist to acclimate you to the place we have called home. A fairly comprehensive “info served on a silver platter” version exists in a slick video that Valen made below describing a very quick overview from the starting point of character creation.


  • Additionally, there is a FAQ section along with a glossary to help familiarize you with some of the most commonly used in-game terms. If you come from a modern Internet, multi-player gaming environment many of these terms won’t be of much shock.
  • Also, if you are logged into the game, the “newbie” channel should be utilized when possible. Most experienced players tend to leave this channel open and tend to be more than willing to help others.
  • Lastly, but typically most effectively, there is a “Newbie School” within Nirvana itself. In the village green, you will see a “Hall of Apprentices”. Type the command ‘enter hall’ and you can follow the interactive lesson once you enter.


The Object of the Game

By the book, the object of the game is to accumulate enough experience (usually gained through combat) to reach the highest player level of the game. By solving all the required quests that are listed in the Adventurer’s Guild, you earn the ability to gain wizardhood, and the chance to create new realms that can be added into the game.

Aside from the technical definition, there is also the entertainment to be gained in discovering new realms to explore, and meeting (sometimes killing!) people in the game who connect from a variety of locations across the world.

The sky’s the limit, whether you choose to socialize or engage in combat, or do a little of both- Nirvana’s here for you.


General Policies

  • It should be known that at no point EVER in the game would a Wizard or an Administrator require your password.
  • Just like any place online, you should be very protective of your personal information. In general other players might be curious about your age, gender, and what part of the world you are connecting from.